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About Record-Trans

Record-Trans goes above and beyond the call of duty to offer you a smooth logistics experience. Quality, transparent communication and reliability are our key assets and we strongly believe in close partnerships with our customers.

  • 24/7 service: personalised and optimal service
  • Proactive communication
  • Flexible transport planning
  • Quality and reliability
  • Individual approach
  • Tailor-made transport solutions
  • Extensive and varied fleet

Our team: >15 experienced professionals

At Record-Trans we take our role very seriously. Our team understands the value of reliability and communication and sets high standards for itself to be able to meet your expectations. Both our planners, truck drivers and logistics or administrative employees have a strong sense of responsibility and honour their agreements. This work ethic is embedded in their genes and in our business culture.

As a company, we place maximum focus on lasting, long-term relationships where we know what matters to you and what is happening in your business. This is how we set ourselves apart from the competition: through a commitment to quality, reliability and personalised service.

Ken van Hecke

General Manager

Sarina Fierens

Office manager

Tom Van Kerckhove

Warehouse manager

Dylan Van Kerrebroeck

Transport manager

Didier Schatteman

Transport manager

Stijn van Hecke

General manager

Record-Trans: sustainable partner

For Record-Trans, too, sustainability is a fundamental value that is firmly embedded in all our activities. In the first place in all our relationships with customers and partners, as well as in the measures we take to reduce our ecological footprint.

For instance, we constantly invest in economic trucks and box trailers, and several decades ago we started using double-deckers to be able to offer cost-saving and environment-friendly transport. Thanks to our solar panels we have access to solar energy and we collect rainwater that can be used to wash our trucks.

Moreover, thanks to the variety of available trucks, we can always select the most suitable trucks, thereby minimising the amount of unused space while keeping fuel consumption per transported quantity to an absolute minimum.