Pallet delivery 

With an up-to-date fleet on the road, we handle pallet shipping completely in-house. Large or small loads, we have the right expertise and capacity to transport your pallet shipments without any problems.

  • Flexible service in logistics processes
  • Road haulage across Europe
  • Cross-docking & storage

Pallet freight in Europe

Pallets are universally used for the transport of a variety of products such as raw materials for food, packagings, machine parts, sanitary goods, etc. In most cases standard Europallets measuring 120 x 80 cm or block pallets of 120 x 100 cm are used.


Record-Trans, your experienced pallet delivery partner

Whether you need to ship just one or a full load of pallets, we have a suitable solution for any type of pallet transport. We have all the right means at our disposal and our drivers are fully up-to-date on the latest developments in their field. We also offer a host of additional logistics services to optimise your processes. 

  • Different types of trucks for unloading from the side, via the roof, or with a tailboard
  • Opening, processing and sorting pallets per address
  • End customer delivery within the agreed time frame

Record-Trans is extremely flexible and acts quickly. This is important as we work in a highly volatile industry. Record-Trans has a perfect track record on these aspects.

Logistics manager for a major metalworking company

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