As a logistics partner with a sizeable fleet and modern warehousing services we can take care of the entire logistics chain for you. As with all our services, we guarantee punctual delivery, flexibility and an individual approach.

  • Every type of transport
  • Two warehouses in central locations
  • Delivery within the agreed time frame

Strong logistics chain

By offering both specific logistics solutions and distribution solutions, Record-Trans delivers added value in every step of the logistics chain. From storage and transhipment, order and stock management to distribution to your end customer... throughout the process we focus on the shortest possible delivery times and optimum quality.



From raw materials or end products to parts... we can efficiently combine and redistribute incoming goods based on their final destination. This way we can cut costs and shorten lead times. Our experienced team coordinates the process with great care, sorts and redistributes the received goods according to the specific destinations and requirements.

Case: transporting shower enclosures

Every week we collect pallets with fragile shower enclosures in France and the Czech Republic, each with a different final destination. We unload these pallets at our warehouse with the greatest care, we open every pallet and sort and group them before transporting all enclosures to their specific destination.

We always make detailed arrangements with the unloading point to guarantee smooth delivery. We select the truck type that is most suitable for the specific requirements of the unloading point. This can vary from side unloading, loading and unloading with a tailboard or locations that are only accessible with a delivery van. We are flexible and unload at the time agreed with the unloading point.

Our dedicated transport teams are committed to delivering the goods to the end customers within the agreed time period. We understand the importance of timely delivery and ensure that the shipments arrive on schedule. This consists of planning the routes, organising efficient logistics and guaranteeing the safe and careful treatment of the shower enclosures during transport.

Do you also have a transport challenge for us?

Record-Trans is extremely flexible and acts quickly. This is important as we work in a highly volatile industry. Record-Trans has a perfect track record on these aspects.

Logistics manager for a major metalworking company

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