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Double-deck transport

Double-deck transport is a smart and cost-efficient way of getting the most from your shipment. With extra levels of available space in our trucks, we transport considerably larger cargo volumes while improving your logistical efficiency.

  • Eliminate the risk of damage through stacking
  • Save transport costs and a loading bay
  • Reduce your ecological footprint

Our approach to double-deck transport

We adopt a professional and meticulous work method to deliver your goods safely and on time. For this we rely on our experienced and thoroughly trained drivers and logistics experts, who are familiar with the specific requirements and techniques of double-deck transport.

So how does it work exactly? In mere seconds our drivers add an additional level to our double-deck trailers and load the goods, whether by themselves or with assistance. They do this with the aid of electric stackers so that loading a double-deck lorry doesn’t take any longer than loading a standard trailer.

Our fleet consists of state-of-the-art trailers that offer sufficient room and are equipped with the most advanced loading systems to guarantee safe haulage.

  • Additional loading level
  • Load safety
  • Cargo space optimisation
  • Tailor-made transport solutions

Cargo space optimisation

We use smart loading techniques and load optimisation to maximise the loading capacity of every trailer. This helps to lower your transport costs and to improve the efficiency of the transport process. As certain goods require additional care, we make sure every load is properly protected during transport.


Tailored double-deck transport

Double-deck transport is an interesting option when goods are not stackable or when stacking could result in damage. That is why we always analyse the dimensions, nature and vulnerability of the goods and take into account special requirements to identify the most suitable transport solution.

Versatile solution for specific transport needs

At Record-Trans we like to think along with you to transport goods in an economic manner. These can be non-stackable cargo, or long and bulky items. Our experienced drivers adhere strictly to all safety regulations to minimise all risks during transport.


Record-Trans is extremely flexible and acts quickly. This is important as we work in a highly volatile industry. Record-Trans has a perfect track record on these aspects.

Logistics manager for a major metalworking company

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