Delicate materials

Glassware, expensive machines or packaging for medical products... at Record-Trans we understand that the transport of delicate parcels is a highly specialised undertaking. Fortunately our team boasts both the knowledge and the means to handle your delicate items with the utmost care.

  • Additional provisions for proper load securing
  • Well-trained and experienced drivers
  • Optimal safety thanks to load safety and a defensive driving style

Technique and safety

As a specialist in the transport of fragile and vulnerable cargo we offer you speedy and reliable delivery. Naturally your goods are delivered free of damage, at the exact location and the exact time you requested. That is why we only work with well-trained planners and drivers who know the nature of your products and who have all the means at their disposal to transport your cargo in a safe and stable manner.


Which fragile parcels?

Every material requires specific expertise to ensure optimal protection, in storage as well as in transhipment and in transit. Some examples of the fragile and vulnerable parcels we transport:

  • Glassware: shower enclosures, skylights...
  • High-tech equipment
  • Medical supplies: medicine boxes, medical equipment...

Cross-docking fragile parcels

As your logistics partner we also take care of the storage and transhipment of your fragile cargo. Your goods are transhipped with the utmost care and precision, and we apply meticulous planning and coordination to minimise the transit time of your freight.

Record-Trans, fully invested in a sustainable customer relationship 

Some twenty years ago we introduced the double-deck system with one of our main customers. Our work with this customer, specifically the transport of delicate medicine boxes, fostered our flexible approach. We often have to deal with last-minute changes, carry out time-bound deliveries and meet the high demands of their customers. Every detail counts, from timely delivery with the greatest care to avoiding moisture and dents and slight deformations of the carton trays.

This collaboration has led to the development of a business culture where perfection takes centre stage and that leaves no room for error. We do this by honouring agreements, by communicating candidly and proactively, and by fostering trust. Curious to find out what we can do for you?


Record-Trans is extremely flexible and acts quickly. This is important as we work in a highly volatile industry. Record-Trans has a perfect track record on these aspects.

Logistics manager for a major metalworking company

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