Safety first: cargo strapping in trucks

When it comes to road transport, load strapping is of crucial importance. Correctly securing the cargo in trucks is not only essential to the safety of the driver and other road users but also protects the goods themselves from damage during transit.

Load securing legislation: European standard

Since inadequate load securing or cargo strapping in a truck can easily lead to road accidents and casualties, the European Commission has imposed strict rules with regard to load securing. All cargo must be fastened in such a way that it cannot fall under normal circumstances and it must be able to withstand certain forces.


Cargo securing

We use different techniques to secure the loads in our trucks: from the use of tie down straps and anti-slip mats to air cushions and cargo bars. We choose the most suitable measure based on the specific nature of the load we are carrying and ensure a load distribution that does not endanger other traffic.

Cargo securing through containment

Containment refers to the force exerted on cargo and the fastening materials used to keep the load in place during transport. With the aid of lashing equipment or tie down straps, the pressure on the load is increased, hence it is more strongly pressed onto the loading surface, retaining its position. Anti-slip mats can be used to increase the frictional resistance.

Cargo securing through restraint

Contrary to securing through containment, securing through restraint uses the natural characteristics of the cargo itself to prevent movement or sliding. The load is strategically positioned and stacked and stays in place thanks to the shape, dimensions and weight distribution of the cargo. Naturally this cargo securing method is not suitable for every load type. In addition, the truck must be able to withstand the forces of the load. XL certified trailers offer this guarantee, which is why Record-Trans always opts for trailers with these certificates.


Load safety at Record-Trans

Record-Trans strives to create a culture of safety and quality in all its transport activities. Load safety is an integral part of our service offer and we ensure compliance with the applicable cargo strapping standards and regulations.

Example: we carry out the transport and distribution of fragile shower enclosures with the utmost care and precision. Thanks to our expertise our customers can rest assured their fragile cargo is in capable hands.

The safety of your goods is our number one priority and we make sure to apply the right load securing techniques to guarantee every load arrives at its destination safely and intact. In addition, our drivers are trained to properly execute all load securing techniques and they adhere to strict procedures before heading out onto the road.

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