CMR insurance: all you need to know about transport liability

In Europe and several countries outside Europe cross-border haulage is subject to the CMR Convention. In Belgium this also applies to domestic transport. This convention stipulates that in our capacity as carrier we are contractually liable for the goods from the moment of receipt until delivery. If the goods should be damaged or lost in transit or delivered late then we can be held liable.


What is a CMR insurance policy?

To protect ourselves against this liability we have taken out a CMR insurance policy, which insures us against potential damage claims resulting from this liability. The insurance covers the financial consequences of, among others, loss of or damage to the goods, delivery delays and theft.

Importance of CMR insurance

By taking out CMR insurance, Record-Trans is insured against damage, loss or theft of your transported goods. Our liability is limited to approximately 8.33 SDR per kg and to the freightage in case of delays.

Is a CMR insurance policy mandatory?

Yes, a CMR insurance policy is mandatory for carriers engaged in international road haulage. The CMR Convention governs the liability and obligations of the carrier in international road haulage. Article 17 of the CMR Convention stipulates that the carrier is liable for damage to or loss of the goods, unless it can prove all reasonable measures were taken to prevent the damage.


Benefits of CMR insurance

In addition to coverage against damage, loss or theft, CMR insurance comes with another benefit: it is your guarantee of our reliability and professionalism.

  • It shows we take the necessary measures to protect our customers’ interests.
  • We assume responsibility for the safe delivery of your goods.
  • We understand that the protection of your cargo is a priority.
  • We facilitate your expansion into international markets.
  • We are protected against unexpected costs and potential financial damages.

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